Writing Evidence

In My Opinion  I agree that Animals in zoos should be let free to roam around and have fun not stuck in cages for the rest of their life were not so why should they be.

One of my reasons are If animals are in cages they can’t breed and if they don’t breed the they will become extinct so if u trying to prevent them being extinct ur not helping because they can’t breed to make them\ extincted.

My Second reason is say you keep them in cages for years and years and the zoo has to shut down because they have gone bankrupt  they have been in the zoo for years and you let them into the wild they won’t be able to survive because they don’t know how to hunt and if they don’t hunt they have no food to survive on.

And my last reason is that the animals might get angry

Because they have been locked up in a small space so that makes visitors in danger of getting hurt.

I think animals in zoos should be let free into to wild because it’s cruel to leave them in cages for the rest of the life were not so should they be.


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