Doing Assemble/ Self belief

So I ended up doing assemble and let me tell you I wasn’t just scared I was a nervous reck,  I got told that morning and when Mrs Coulter told me I just went blank.

I mean I’m  honour  but I cant do this , Thoughts rushed through my head like….

What if they laught at me what if I mess up a word or what if I say something wrong.

And then I thought of the positives….

Mrs Coulter picked me to do this she could of Chosen anyone one but she chose me It might not be as bad as you think it is.

So I pull myself together and go set up.

Times past and its time for assemble once again I start to panic Thoughts rushed Through my head but worse What if I mess up and Mrs Coulter never gives me another chance to prove myself worthy.

I told myself to breath and everything will be okay.

To Be Continude

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