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I I’m Katie-jade and i’m 12 years old

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I have gone to 2 different countries I have gone to England and I went to Indonesia Bali we stayed at Kuta Royle in Villa Jenaka It was awesome check out the link at the end.

I live with my dad and my mum lives in castle maine.

I have a step dad kind of called brendon and a stepBrother kind of call Hadley there really  nice.
I like Gaming I love any sort of Minecraft Laptop,Ipad,Ipod,Pc anything I love it. I love to play Playstation or Xbox I only have one game I love to play which is minecraft minecraft is bae

I’m gymnast I go to Palmer’s Gym on Thursday I do Tumbling and and on Wednesday I do Acro.My coache is Jemma she helps me alot <3 ya Jemma I will put the link down below.I look up to alot of gymnasts like Mary Lou,Shannon Miller, and more there my isporation.


My Hobbies are Gym/Acro  and I love to watch YouTube my favorite YouTubers are SmellyBellyTV , poalarMMOS ,KandyGirl, Krazyjorja and more. I also love to hang out with friends and have sleepovers and also go to the park with friends and family.I am looking forward to alot of things this year like the doge ball games (Allen Potter and Howard).

Hope u liked reading this blog post about Me 🙂



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