The story of chloe

At the end of the road chloe could see a house surrounded by lilly’s pink and white beautiful


lilly’s everywhere.Chloe loved them so much she went to go pick some.

She ran towards the house as soon as she reached the the beautiful lilly’s she started to pick the lilly’s one by one at the end she decided more to make it even so she went to pick one more


YOU HEAR ME GET OFF MY PROPETY”Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.35.45 am

Chloe turned around and she could see a ugly old face behind her screaming “GET OFF MY PROPERTY”She was petrified.

“GET OFF  MY PROPERTY”chloe was so scared  she ran screaming “HELP HELP”

When she got home she sprinted to her room she slammed her lilly’s in the door and ran towards her bed and flopped down on her bed.She  was huffing and puffing so hard she could hardly breath “MUM MUM HELP I CANT BREATH”Her mother  did not respond “MUM” she screamed.


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